Cardiovascular health is the number one health risk for men and women in Australia. Approximately one-third of all deaths in Australia are from some form of diseased blood vessels blocking blood supply to the heart, brain or legs. Women are 10% more likely than men to have cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular death is unpredictable, with 50% of deaths having none of the standard risk factors.

How do you fair when looking at this area of your health?

Managing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, stress, blood glucose levels, infections, and inflammation are all part of cardiovascular health. Long term avoidance of this condition comes down to the health of cells in the lining of the circulation vessels – endothelial cells, vascular smooth muscle cells, regulating immune cells, reducing oxidation and regulating the production of nitric oxide, which is essential but can be toxic if the body makes too much.

Having a health plan to repair and maintain the health of your vascular system will provide peace of mind when considering your long term health and ongoing quality of life.

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