Infertility is not an uncommon occurrence. One in six couples is infertile and forty percent rest with the male, forty percent with the female and ten percent both parties and ten percent it is unknown.

Contemplating and deciding to start a family is a big decision and having to deal with the roller coaster of physical and emotional stress tyring to conceive can really take its toll.

There is so much you can do naturally to optimise the chances of conceiving weather you are doing it naturally of using IVF.

Did you know the female eggs takes 100 days to mature before ovulation and the males sperm needs 116 days to form. During this time they are both very susceptible to damage and need to be in a toxic free, nutrient rich environment to enable optimum health for both. Did you also know that the large percentage of infertility is caused by our modern lifestyles.

Before thinking of conceiving, ideally 6-12 months( minimum of 4) , filling all your nutritional deficiencies, supporting all your detoxification processes, and implementing healthy lifestyle habits , you can create a healthy environment to produce eggs and sperm, which will enhance your chances greatly of conceiving a healthy baby.

Of course the health of your reproductive organs must be also assessed and there may need to be more intensive support and balancing given to these areas , but improving your health in any way will always be of benefit.

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