What is menopause?

Natural menopause is caused when the ovaries stop producing Estrogen and your final period occurs. However menopausal symptoms can occur for several years (two to six) prior to this.  Some women breeze through this time, while others find it a major struggle.

For some, menopause can be a barrage of symptoms to deal with. Hot flushes that leave you saturated in sweat, disturbed sleep patterns that have you continually exhausted, weight gain with no change in diet, and a wild roller coaster of mood swings and irritability that can leave you flat!

Disrupted sleep patterns, low energy reserves, frequent mood changes, and fluctuating body temperatures are all governed by a delicate balance of a number of hormones and organs in the body.

The health of your organs, the level of hormones your body produces, and the neurotransmitters your body makes, can all have a direct impact on how you will experience menopause.

It’s been well observed that how you manage your health and stress in the 10 years leading up to menopause will have a large impact on how you will negotiate this period.

Once you understand the delicate balance of your digestive system, thyroid and adrenal glands, and liver and hormones they produce, menopause is treatable.

Through thorough testing and detection of your organs’ imbalances, a specific treatment plan can be formulated and life can get back to normal.

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