Why is it important to have a happy thyroid?

The thyroid gland is often known as the regulating organ in the body. It regulates so many processes in the body that if it is under functioning every part of your life will be affected.

The thyroid is involved with bone metabolism, digestion, sex drive, liver and gall bladder detoxification, fat burning, insulin and glucose metabolism, cholesterol absorption, brain chemistry, and cardiovascular function. So when it is out of balance your whole health can be upset!

Having a blood test does not always tell the whole story about your thyroid. Further testing can reveal if:

  • you may not be able to convert the inactive thyroid hormones into the active form you’re your body requires;
  • you’re making a deformed form of the hormone that can’t be used by the body;
  • your body is attacking its own thyroid by trying to stop it from working!

These causes can come from:

  • nutritional deficiencies – the body not having all the ingredients it needs to manufacture the hormones the thyroid needs;
  • a toxic digestive system and poorly functioning liver;
  • allergies and toxins that the body is constantly exposed to.

There is so many areas to consider but once these are detected and corrected, the thyroid and the whole body comes back into balance and your health can move forward in a positive direction.

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